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Raise a Turkey Leg to the Annual Arizona Renaissance Festival

Huzzah! The Arizona Renaissance Festival is upon us once more, bringing eight weeks of medieval merriment and revelry to the Valley. The annual faire runs on weekends from now until April 2, 2017, so dust off your tunics and gowns—or your velvet and crowns if you’re feeling royal—and get ready to party like its 1599!

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First Look at the All-New 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

The 2018 Traverse is a total bombshell, showing off a hot new design and setting course to deliver best-in-class cargo space, passenger volume and third row legroom.


Video: LEGO Batman Stars in New Chevy Commercial

Everyone’s favorite crime-fighting minifigure left his Bat Cave to make an appearance in Chevy’s latest TV ad.

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